Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplemental Plans ARE created Equal

What's Different? Price.

The price is the only difference between a Plan F from Company A or Plan F from Company B. The benefits are all the same. Today, all companies utilize electronic claims payment. They absolutely MUST pay the bill on Medicare-approved claims. While it is important to shop with “A” rated carriers for strength, it is equally important that seniors not fall in love with a brand name with Medicare Supplement insurance. Why? Because a policy with one company does not pay any more benefits than the policy with the lesser known company brand. They all function exactly the same.

You will not find one thing different between the bills that were paid with the more expensive companies than the bills paid by the less expensive companies. You can pay for glitzy television commercials, blimps that fly over stadiums, or salaried insurance agents – all in order to get that brand name, but the cost is reflected in your monthly premiums and the rate increases you experience.

The best possible solution is to have an independent insurance brokerage service provide you with ALL of the available options in your specific zip code. When you contact us, we can show you right on your computer monitor all of the companies offering YOUR exact same plan, side by side.